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Megarah & Lyana Get a Well Deserved Revenge on Veronique

This is now time for Megarah & Lyana to get a well deserved tickle revenge on the sadistical Veronique.
Girls was really impatient to punish Veronique’s helpless bare feet in return and they are absolutely merciless.
Veronique begins to regret a little now but it is too late and the can’t stop Megarah and Lyana who have so much fun.
The FT Tickler shows them some technique to be sure that the girls will be perfectly efficient to get the maximum laugher.

Veronique’s ultra ticklish bare feet are punished by four hands and different tickle tools till she can’t take it anymore.
She is still horribly ticklish through the years and wow this is always great to watch and especially for Megarah and Lyana.
A very fun FF/F revenge with fun and sexy ticklish beauties.

This is now time for Megarah & Lyana to get...

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