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Milolica: Hogtied against my will. Foot worship Maniac

A guy that is a burglar who has spied on the girl for a long time to see when she is home or not. He decides to make a burglary at her place. He’s searching around for valuables, then suddenly the door opens and the girl returns home. He hides and waits for the girl take of her coat and sit in her sofa relaxing. Suddenly he attacks the girl and threatens her, he yells at her – “Where are all the valuables?”
The girl says that she doesn’t have any that she is just a poor student. The man get’s furious that it seems that he gets nothing for all his effort. He yells at her that he’s not going to leave for emptyhanded.
The man attacks her she’s terrified because she thinks that maybe the man is going to her or try to her.

Milolica fights and screams for her life and the man wrestles her down and after a while, he overpowers her and hogties her and gags her.
When she’s finally is bound and secure he starts to remove her first shoe.The man tells her that if he doesn’t get any valuables he will at least worship her feet. Then he removes the other shoe while Milolica is protesting all the time and the man starts to remove the socks to reveal her soles. Then he worships her feet for a long time and she hates it. Screaming through the gag protesting and struggling. He really enjoys worshiping her feet.
After a long time, he starts to tie her big toes together and she continues to protest and struggle but she also starts to laugh a bit due the string tickles between the toes.

The man finds this exciting and starts to tickle the feet insane, switching between worshiping and tickling for a long time until the girl can’t stand it anymore and she signals the man that she has something to tell him and. She promises that she’s gonna tell him where she has hidden her valuables if he will let her go. The man accepts it and goes to check if the information was true. He returns happy with her valuables and the girl asks him to let her go but, “hey once a thief always a thief!” – he gags her again and continues to worship and tickle those feet until he feels satisfied and leaving her hogtied.

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