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Miranda’s Generous Tip

Miranda was in town for a nice dinner but as we can see in this video, she was not really happy with the service! The waiter wants to remember her that the tip is not included at the end of the service, so she wants him to know that she was not really happy! She makes him bow down on his knees to let him know about her long working day and she actually wants him to know what real hard work is!

She makes him take her shoes off to completely smother his face with her sweaty nylon feet, and just makes fun at him by rubbing them all over his face! See? That is what hard work is actually! Can you smell my day? She just wants to make sure he will works his ass better than that the next time she is coming at this place! Miranda makes him take some deep breaths in her sweaty nylon feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She just wants him to taste her sweat! She also makes him open his mouth just to take that paper bill and just chew on it while sniffing her feet! She also wants him to take some deep breaths inside her shoes, just because this is actually where her feet were all day long! Don’t fuck with Miranda! Super Hot Clip! (French Language)

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