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Monica’s Foot Humiliation

Monica likes to take advantage of the fact that she looks like an angel but this is such a scam! She is actually one of the most cruel goddess! She was mad at this loser slave for some reasons so that was the perfect opportunity to give him a good punishment! She worn those shoes a lot recently so she makes him bow down on his knees to stick his tongue out and lick the filthy bottom! She wants them perfectly cleaned! She also makes him suck on those heels with his neck around the leash before she gives him the honour to take them off!

Monica now covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet and him to sniff them! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and lick the sweaty bottom of her nylons! How does it taste you loser slave? Here come the icing on the cake when she takes those nylons off to fully covers his face with both of her naked precious feet! They are actually smelly but she just don’t care and rubs them all over his face with her usual cruel smile! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles again and lick all the dirt in between each of her toes! Very Hot Clip! (French Language)

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