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Most ticklish girl in town – Alsu is going crazy

Alsu returns to us in the new video! She is topless and wears a sexy leather sword belt. She is stretched along the leather mattress and fastened by the legs and hands and slightly wrapped with plastic.
As usual, I will mock her, because she is wildly ticklish. I begin to tickle her legs, which can be seen from under the plastic, and I also climb under her body to tickle her tummy. Alsu twitches in agony and laughs a lot.
Now it’s time to break the tape and tickle her whole body!
I begin to reach for her belly and tickle her sides, ribs, and hips. Alsu is going to get an excellent dose of tickling tonight!
Next, I tickle her lightly with feathers. Alsu has a very erotic sexual body and she responds remarkably to any touch! Then I start biting her sides and tickle her armpits. It was hot!
Then I take an electric toothbrush and start driving it around her body, and Alsu begs me to stop. Then there is also a vibrator – together with a toothbrush, I tickle all her body and feet. In the end, I mercilessly bite her tummy and waist. It’s time to give her some rest for a while. Enjoy!

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