My Best Friend Drives Lenora Crazy : Full



Length - 26:14 - 720P

My best friend visited me this week and I decided to offer him a nice present. As me he loves to tickle beautiful girls so I have contacted the beautiful Lenora to ask her if she would be agree to be mercilessly tickled by him. She answered me that there was no problems and she is now back for a new tickling session with us. She is immobilized in our special device and tickled on her bare feet and upperbody. My friend was impressed by Lenora’s beauty and by her incredible ticklishness.

Lenora is fantastic because each touch on her ticklish spots makes her explode in laughter and the guy explores all her body with fingers, hairbrushes and the tickling glove. As usual Lenora laughs hysterically all long the clip and you’ll get a very long punishment for a nice price here 🙂

The position changes but the tickling is still merciless on the super ticklish Lenora. She can’t see her tickler here and this situation makes her more ticklish than ever because she don’t know where and when she will be tickled. This clip is mostly bare feet tickle but the guy gets her upperbody at some moments.

Lenora explodes in laughter all long this great session because her ultra sensitive soles are tickled with fingers, hairbrushes and the tickling glove until she can’t take on more second of punishment. The beauty is back and tickled to hell!

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