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My Sneakers Socks and Feet After Working Out


Length - 21:19
- 1080P -
Published 24 June, 2022

A new model has joined us recently. We would like to introduce you to Michelle, a stunning girl with a perfect face, body, and of course, outstanding feet. She is a tall girl, so her big soles are mesmerizing to the viewer. Today, she has been working out for many hours, and now Michelle wants her little slave girl Lizalka to lick her sneakers, sniff her socks and worship her feet just because she enjoys seeing Lizalka struggling with all the grime and stench.

Michelle is a very demanding Mistress and she will not tolerate failures from her slaves. For that reason, Lizalka, without hesitation, starts cleaning her Goddess’ filthy sneakers while Michelle stares and smiles with satisfaction. The taste is terrible for the slave girl but Michelle doesn’t care, she thinks that having her sneakers clean is more important than a slave girl’s tongue. After wiping up all the dirt from her Goddess’ sneakers, Lizalka is to take them off to inhale Michelle socks’ stink. Just look at those socks, they used to be white but now they are very dirty, sweaty and smelly.

Lizalka presses her face against Michelle’s socks and she can barely breath due to the bad smell. As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, the Goddess takes pictures of Lizalka using her cellphone to upload them to Instagram later on. Finally, Michelle commands Lizalka to take her socks off and worship her bare feet. She wants every bit of sweat and filth removed from her soles and toes.

Lizalka obeys humbly her Mistress’ orders. Earlier, Michelle had told Lizalka that this is going to be a daily routine from now on. The poor slave girl will have to deal with Michelle’s remarkable stinky, sweaty feet any time the Goddess considers it appropriate. After the gym, after shopping at the mall and even after the beach.

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