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Nelly’s First Experience

Definition - 1080P
Length - 04:59


Nelly is a hot little Russian girl that I met in a private bar last night and she was very very curious to know more about my foot fetish website. I told her that maybe she could come to my home and have a drink so I can show her some of our content! I must admit that after watching her dancing all night with those leather boots and those cute red nylon socks in her feet, I would have done anything just to smell them! She told me some of her funny stories with an ex-boyfriend with a foot fetish and she wanted to show me what she can do with her feet! I just couldn’t believe it at this time that we’ll make another dream come true! She said just turn the camera on and I’ll give you the best clip ever on your studio! She comes in the room and takes her boots off to completely cover my face with her sweaty nylon socks! They were really hot and super sweaty after dancing all night so that gives me an instant erection! She begins to play with my toy while giving me a super nice view on her naked juicy pussy! I was so excited! Nelly just grabs my toy and sucks it hard until there is a huge explosion of cum into her mouth! She also makes sure to show you that load of cum into her mouth at the end of the clip! This clip is a must have. Best night ever and Best clip ever!

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