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Nelly’s Midnight Wake Up Call

Nelly is kind of a surprise box girl and I must admit that this is actually what I like the most from her, because you never know what’s gonna happen when you spend a night with this cutie! She totally knows about my sock fetish, and she all the time surprised me with her amazing skills. That clip was shot really late at night, after a party, and we were both napping on the couch. I really knew something could happen that night so, I just put the camera right in front. (Only in case something would happen.) I was actually right. Nelly rested for about an hour in this position, and I was just dreaming about sniffing her socks at this time. I knew she had her sneakers on for over ten hours, and I know how bad her feet smell after a long day with her socks and feet inside her sneakers! Nelly actually woke up and saw the camera right in front, so she asks me to take her sneakers off. She then immediately covered my face with her sweaty lovely socks, and just rubs them all over my face, while teasing my hard cock with her talented fingers.

My cock instantly became hard like a baseball bat, just with the strong odor of her socks. They were so sweaty, and so stinky! They were also just a little wet, because that was an intense rainy night. You can actually hear the strong rain outside in the clip. That was almost like a storm. Nelly wanted to please me so she just grabbed my hard cock out of my pants, and begins to suck it like she actually loves to do it. She sucks my cock while rubbing her sweaty wet socks all over my face until she gets a huge explosion of creamy cum inside her talented mouth. She wants you to open your mouth wide at the end, because she wants to spit that cum inside your mouth. You’ll have to swallow it like a good cuckold loser slave! This is your price to pay to watch this clip!

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