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New Girl Feet Audition “I Love Love Love this! omg”

Definition - 720P
Length - 17:56


Guys, We have struck tickle Gold,Lets just say this story is just beginning! Here we have diane. Their is just simply not a better TICKLEE on the market! PERIOD..their may be some just as good but NOT any better or more perfect for tickle fans! She is EVERYTHING you could ever possibly DREAM of for a tickle girl!

She came with an interest and an anxiousness we have not seen around here in a longtime! Immediate connection with her and lets just say she will be here to stay and will be a mainstay here! She will be available for customs/ sessions and anything we need from her here!

This was her first time getting restrained & tiche said she knew she was ticklish but never dreamed how much,And even more surprising is how much she loves to BE tickled! Let me just tell you she has already been back and lets JUST say her and LIND hit it off bigtime and LIND came as close to tickle breaking her as you could wo actually doing it,

She is beautiful, game for this, willing & as freaky horribly ticklish everywhere you could ever imagine!

Here are her feet coming out of her sneakers for round ONE! Get used to her, this adorable step-mom is going to steal your tickle heart!,she is making her mark on this community!! Get your popcorn ready (and something to clean up with LOL) your gonna need it &YOUR WELCOME

This is a LONGER clip and OMG so worth it,WE PROMISE,Simply could NOT stop tickling her feet! YOUR gonna Love Love Love this as much as she did!!

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