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NEW GIRL Sara REAL stocks tickle torment pt 1

Definition - 720P
Length - 12:49


ok, i feel like we have said this a few times but it is what it is..We found another GEM! Perfect feet, perfect ticklishness and perfect Ticklee “Tude”

We have been doing these a LONG time and we know ticklish perfection when we see it and this is it,Not much more to say then this lil firecracker being yet another perfect find here at tickled Pink! First off we have fallen for her perfect little size 4-5 feet! not only that its true tickle torment for her to have them tickled (but likes it!) again, perfect! If your a true foot tickle fan you are going to be DELIGHTED! Greatest laugh, super ticklish to the point where you may be thinking it may be agonizing for her ( but its not)..lets just say you will not be disappointed and all i can say now is ” your welcome” your really going to dig this new girl,enjoy part 1, Part 2 as always we ramp things up,My goodness wait till you see and hear her reactions to mounds of lotion and the GLOVES!! Ticklees like this are like a for true foot tickling fans,you just can’t stop tickling,LOL So,sit down and hold on tight,Sara and her little feet and perfect ticklish laugh is gonna drive you crazy!! And upper body fans,be patient because she is just as ticklish everywhere & we got her all over, coming soon,lets just say she can’t wait to come back and we can’t wait for HER to come back! Say hello to your next tickle crush!

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