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No Safeword 2

Fair warning: this is for the more sadistic crowd. Hardcore only. Safeword are typically in play, and encouraged! In this series the model agrees prior that there’s no stoppage, barring some life threatening emergency of course (like say the house on fire or King Kong rips the roof off). Well maybe I wouldn’t stop them either. 🙂 Mia Hope is the second girl put through the ringer in this concept. She’s strapped up in the bag, mouth stuffed (ALWAYS over-stuff and be careful packing, swallowing bad, begging good) and wrap gagged, with her toes tied back and her ankles locked in place.

I didn’t do this in the first one, the original, but to prove there are no edits in this series, I never stop, pause, or cut this scene. Even when the camera slips, or barking sounds off in the background from the yard. It’s all one continuous shot, and she’s got to endure it all. Post tickling, I get her mouth free from her gag, and do a quick interview to ask what she thought of it.

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