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No Safeword – Bella Luxx

Definition - 1080P
Length - 11:50


Our beautiful brunette with terribly ticklish feet returns! She was an early on test pilot when I started this tickle table schtick, but was gone when No Safeword came along. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t put her through it ! If it’s your first time seeing this series, an always gorgeous model is strapped up tight, going nowhere. Her mouth is gagged, and her head is strapped down, holding her in place.

I’ve been told (by Lil Mizz Unique – a wonderful ‘lee I may add!) that the sensitivity becomes far worse when more movement is taken away. This, the added head strap a few vids back 🙂 I ask her how much she’s willing to put up with, as per the rules. But once it starts, there’s NO stopping it. She threw out 10 minutes RELUCTANTLY, I set the clock and it was game on! It’s no secret how this series goes but if this is your thing, she never disappoints.

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