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Noemi’s First Experience

Noemi is for sure one of the sexiest woman i’ve seen in my whole life! She knocks at the door of our office after a long summer day and she was really curious and excited to discover the pleasure of domination! She was borned as a diva so it’s seems like this is just normal process to her life! The slave must lay down on the floor to serve as a footstool with his face while she’s having fun with her friends on the computer!

Noemi could feel the hot leather of her shoes sticking on her feet so she takes them off to completely cover his face with them! Her feet were extremely warm and sweaty so she makes him take some deep breaths just to give them some fresh air! No sympathy! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles to make sure he knows the taste of her sweat!

Noemi also wants to feel his juicy tongue in between each of her toes to just make sure they are perfectly cleaned! This is for sure the number one clip shot at the office! (French Language)

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