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Nono Has Fun With Her Insanely Ticklish Friend Elo : Upperbody Tickling

The sexy Nono said me a few time ago that she had a very very ticklish friend who were interested for an experience with us. What a good news then she introduced us the 23 years old Elo for an audition and we were very impressed by our new ticklee’s sensitivity. Elo is more than ticklish she is absolutely incredible with devilish reactions! Every inch of her body is extra ticklish and we really needed to immobilize her strongly because her reactions are just crazy. Elo can’t stand to be tickled but curiously she enjoys it even if she loses all control of herself when the ticklers focuse on her most sensitive spots.

The punishment begins on her upperbody and Nono was very impatient to drive Elo crazy. The FT Tickler shows her some techniques for the first minute of the clip then he lets Nono to have fun with her helpless friend. Nono loves to tickle and she is just merciless with Elo because more the poor ticklee loses control more Nono increases the tickling. We’re very proud to present you another super ticklish model pushed to her limits!

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