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Length - 10:47 -
Definition - 1080P

Nurse Enola – Sore Throat Relief

Did you ask for a home care service?
Well Nurse Enola is ready to treat you…
The patient told me he had a sore throat so I devised a treatment for it. I told him to lay on the edge of the bed on her back to check his throat… using my foot I made him open his mouth and put my foot deep inside it! To See if the sore throat goes away hahaha or maybe it gets worse. I continued to make him suffer more and more, I pressed my foot hard until he almost puke . FOOT GAGGING HARD … to cause him more gag I wiggled my  toes inside his throat and that made tears come out of his eyes so I pressed my foot deeper !!! As deep as I could! This is the best position for foot gagging.

The patient didn’t stop complaining and that made me introduce my foot to his throat … After several attempts I made him hold on for more than 10 seconds with my whole foot inside his mouth until his face filled with drool and saliva … I filmed from my Iphone to see his face close up… his nose was full of drool  …well I’ve always felt a disdain for men like him … shouldn’t complain of pain having such a sexy nurse hahaha …

I finally foot gagged him for several minutes … after more than 10 choking attempts he couldn’t take it anymore … so I rubbed my feet all over his face to fill him with drool and saliva and left him lying on the bed

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