Oh Tina, my ticklish victim. Today I wanna your upper-body with my playful hands but not only


Length -
17:31 - 1080P

Tina lies bound on the bench. Her hands are securely fixed. Tina is ticklish on her upper body and today I want to tickle her intensively, including her sensitive navel. From the first, I begin to explore her body and search of the most sensitive places. I gently tickle her with my fingers and this gives the result. Over time, I begin to tickle her more intensively, I hunt for her reaction.

I tickle her whole body, armpits, ribs, and navel. I like how Tina reacts to my action and I’m not going to stop. I tickle her not only with my fingers but also use a fork and an electric toothbrush. Tickling continues for a long time and the victim is already losing her energy.
I got what I wanted, today it’s enough for her…

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