OMG this is worst face down I am going crazy!!


Length – 14:22

The 18 years old student is now immobilized face down on our special device for the punishment of her life.
She is horribly ticklish everywhere and she discovered that she absolutely can’t stand being tickled in this position.

This session is focused on bare feet tickle torture even if the guy tickles her upperbody at some moments.
Yuna becomes totally crazy here and this is the hell for her when the guy uses the hairbrushes and the gloves on her helpless milky soles.

Her electrical reactions are as impressive as the suffering on her pretty face.
It becomes really too much for this poor girl who really regretted to have accepted this experience but this is to late now and she has to endure till it ends.

Yuna is really tickle tortured to her ticklish limits in this one and we hope that she will accept to endure more punishment in the future, at this time we are not sure yet.

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