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Orgasm control for Agata in fitness clothes and intense tickling

Definition - 1080P
Length - 33:05


Agata was doing stretching at home. She was dressed in tight fitness clothing. She love? to exercise before bed.
While she was sitting on the floor, a pervert guy stealthily crept up jumped on her, and covered her mouth with his hand. Agata resisted but unsuccessfully, she went sleepy in his arms.
The man was pleased and fiddled and groped Agata’s body.

Agata wakes up tied up and the captor starts tickling her body and belly, and then lifts her sport’s top and exposes her big tits. He tickles her sexy boobs, and then we see POV angle as he pats her between her legs and tickles again. You will see in close-up how the man touches Agata’s crotch and seduces her. She’s starting to like it. Her leotard tightens her pussy and the man massages her harder and harder. He tickles her crotch and then sends Agata back to rest.

Further, Agata is tied in a spread-eagle pose while standing.
The man comes up and examines her body. He tickles her crotch through her pants. Then he starts touching her ass and pawing and kneading her big tits, leading Agata to orgasm. He bares her breasts and squeezes them.
He slaps her ass and crotch, squeezes her neck and Agata is breathing hard. She feels good and almost cums, but he controls her.
Then he gives her a dose of tickling all over her body. He pulls Agata’s leggings tighter so they wrap around her crotch and ass.
Then he slaps Agata again and enjoys her moans.

Then Agatha is blindfolded and her sensations are exacerbated by his actions. He actively squeezes her ass and touches and stimulates her through her pants.
Then he takes a vibrator and places it between Agata’s legs, and also places it on her butt. He squeezes her neck and listens to her moans, then tickles her breasts and nipples with his tongue.
In the end, Agata almost gets an orgasm, but he doesn’t allow her to cum. He tickles Agata one last time and, listening to Agata’s screams and laughter leaves her alone…

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