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Definition - 1080P
Length - 30:57

Original Harley Quinn – Foot tickling

By request. Starring Zoya.

Harley Quinn has some fun and poses in front of the camera. She thinks that the Joker is near and absolutely relaxed. She’s at home so what could possibly go wrong?
Suddenly, she finds herself tied to the bench.
What’s happening?

It turns out that the unknown man is here. He comes up and takes off the boots from puzzled Harley. Then he ties her big toes together. She doesn’t understand what is going on. Maybe this is some kind of prank?
But then the stranger starts tickling her feet. It’s here that Harley realizes that she’s in trouble. She is very ticklish on her soles. And this guy has everything necessary to enjoy her torment. He tickles her feet with his hands, various brushes, an electric toothbrush (and also without the brush itself). He uses a spiky roller and gloves, also sharp sticks.
Then he smears her feet with oil and continues to tickle her oily feet. Harley Quinn gasps with laughter.
Then he puts a ball gag into her mouth. He tickles her feet and also licks her toes and bites them.
Harley is at a loss, laughs, and grunts.
Then he leaves her alone…

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