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Pamela and Gaia’s first tickle contest

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:04


Because of a surgical operation, I’m not able to travel for some time, and Pamela Strong and Gaia Malagoli, Italian wrestlers and personal trainer, were so kind to shoot a video for me. They make a tickle contest: each one gets a position with her arms, and the other one has to make the first one loose that position by tickling her upperbody; time is measured when one loose; next they switch roles. Pamela and Gaia make the contest many times, changing the arm position one has to keep.

They are very sensitive, and they are in trouble to stay still when being even light touched by the other one, and it’s hard for them to not move the arms!! And surely they easily burst to laugh! On the ending greetings, the girls leave the audience the judge on who has won, then watch the clip and let us know your judgement! Enjoy! (format is .mkv, a .mp4 file containing selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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