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Pamela Strong tickled in bikini – upperbody

Definition - 1080P
Length - 17:48


Italian wrestler Pamela Strong is now tied down to the top of a massage bed, so to stay face up and show the tickler all helpless upperbody. The tickler, also this time, tries different tools to tickle the beautiful Pamela. Feathers and paintbrushes get to keep Pamela giggling, while she admits the pleasant sensations she is receiving from the instruments. But just poking her tummy with the top of a paintbrush or with the tips of the feathers brings Pamela to a louder laughter.

And when the tickler goes with her hands to armpits and sides, Pamela’s body squirms from side to side to avoid the tickling! She is so strong that it’s very difficult opening her arms to reach the pits. The tickler keeps on tickling her tummy and upperbody, with some visits to legs and knees! Enjoy! (format is.mkv, simply a .mp4 file with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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