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Pandora roughly tickles feet of Annabelle in stocks and a straightjacket – Part 1

By John. Made by request

At the beginning of the clip, Pandora explains the game’s rules to Annabelle. She comfortably sits on a bench with just her eyes blindfolded.
They are very simple: Annabelle needs to keep the ball between her feet while Pandora tickles her soles with her super-long nails. Annabelle has four attempts to drop the ball, after which she will face punishment if she fails. As you can guess, Annabelle did not pass this test…

Therefore, punishment will follow immediately. Annabelle finds herself in restraints, with all her toe fingers fixed in stocks, wearing a straitjacket, and a large black ballgag in her mouth.

Pandora, without hesitation, tickles Annabelle’s feet. Pandora shows no mercy to her friend, using her sharp nails and various brushes, combs, and a pointed spur (Wartenberg’s pinwheel).

By the end of the clip, Annabelle’s punishment is not over; it will continue in the second part where Pandora will continue to have fun with Annabelle’s ticklish feet.

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