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Pandora takes great pleasure in tickling Olivia’s feet Part 1 – Straitjacket and stocks

By John. Made by request

In this clip, in a straitjacket with a ballgag in her mouth, barefoot beauty Olivia is bound in stocks with all her cute toes tied specifically for Pandora to satisfy her predatory desire for tickling Olivia’s soles. Pandora, in general, loves to dominate beautiful women and has a unique attraction to Olivia

Knowing how sensitive Olivia’s feet are, Pandora takes her time, savoring their sight, scent, and tender velvety skin. Pandora tantalizingly savors them, not denying herself the pleasure of licking them, and, of course, Pandora tickles them as well.

At first, she gently massages Olivia’s feet, licking them with her tongue, but over time, the intensity of the tickling and foot worship increases. Soft feathers give way to nails, which are replaced by electric toothbrushes, combs, and a Wartenberg’s pinwheel, which makes Olivia scream like crazy.

As the action unfolds, Pandora first dusts Olivia’s feet with tickling powder, then applies oil to them, continuously deriving pleasure from everything she does.

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