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Pilates coach. A short interview and first time tickling

Name: Lora
Age: 22 y.o.
Foot size: 37 (7 US)
Feature: pilates instructor
Hi guys! Here is Lora, she’s a sporty girl, loves yoga and pilates. It’s great, her body is fit and beautiful, she’s slim and she has very cute feet. I think that tickle her is a pleasure. First I take a short interview with her and offer to sit on the couch. When she sits down, I begin to ask her about something I care a lot: how ticklish she is! It turns out that nobody tickled her intensely before and we will be the first.

Lora said that her sensitive places are ribs, armpits and feet and I offered her to test her reaction. My partner gets a little tickle her feet with a feather, and then the ribs and armpits. After that, knowing her reaction to the tickling we decided that the best option for her will be lying on the back like a star, where her feet and hands will be connected to the each corner of the bed. At the end of tickling interview I ask her if she was ready. She said she’s ready. It’s so cute.

Then she lays tied on the bed, and after Tickler comes and begins his tickling procedures… Enjoy!

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