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Pretty soles, plump lips and ticklish upper body – New model Pelageya first time tickling

By Dero

I invited a new model Pelageya. The shooting took place right in the car.
Pelageya is a good dancer. She looks hot:  plump lips and nice body shape. I decided to tie her hands and check her upper body for tickling. Her waist turned out the most sensitive, and her armpits weren’t very ticklish. I focused on her sides and waist, the girl, and she squirmed from tickling.
Next, she lied on her stomach and started shaking her miniature feet in white socks – I took off the socks and her feet turned out to be beautiful, soft and tender but not ticklish. I decided to bite her feet and tickle them with my beard, and in the end, I took a massage brush with cream and after that, she laughed a little.
The rest of the time I watched her feet which were stuck out of car window, they were so pleasant and I bit her toes and watched her reaction. I stroked and tickled her feet, and the girl sat with her eyes closed and was perplexed by what was happening. It was new to her and she got the first foot fetish experience.

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