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Psychiatric Tickling Therapy Series : Patient 10 : Ella Endures for Better Health

Ella has some depressive symptoms since a few weeks and her doctor is really worry about this situation.
She is generaly a fun girl who love to laugh but for unknow reasons she really has a bad mood so a special laughing treatment has been prescribed.
The doctor has contacted his pratician one more time to adminstrate a tickling therapy to Ella.

During the first 6 minutes of the session Ella endures a special socked feet tickling treatment then the pratician removes her socks for an intensive bare feet tickling.
He discovers that Ella is extremely sensitive to foot worship and that she loses control of herself when his tongue run between her ultra ticklish toes.
Ella goes nuts all long this intensive therapy till she goes better under tickle treatment.

Laughter is really the best medicine!

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