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Pump It Harder with Lola Fae

Length - 07:27


Super sexy starlet Lola Fae is kicking back in a hammock by the pool when you arrive. She knows you are excited from the moment you walk in. Go ahead and pull it out. Start stroking yourself while she slowly removes those sexy shoes from her perfect size six feet. Lola has only removed one shoe and she can already see the pre-cum glistening in the sunshine on the tip of your dick. She laughs at how mesmerized you are, staring at her pretty little feet.

Lola loves the control she has over you. She pulls your foot fetish strings like a puppet master. She tells you to speed up, squeeze the shaft and run your hand from base to tip. Lola Fae raises her sexy feet in the air; showing off her soft, slender soles and wiggling those perfect little piggies. You can’t hold back any longer, shoot that huge load for your deserving petite princess Lola Fae.

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