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Length - 07:45 -
Definition - 1080P

Reeking Festival Socks

I recieved an unexpected phone call the other day. It was Rosie, calling from the train station, just back from a festival. She said, if I pick her up and give her a lift home, we can stop by the studio and she’ll do a short scene in return. With the socks she had been wearing throughout the whole festival, she added. That was the cue, I jumped immedietly into my car and picked her up. Of course, I wanted to be the sniffer in this clip, but when Rosie spotted the disgust on Clarissa’s face when she talked about her sweaty socks, she wanted to torture her nose instead.

When she took off her shoes, it was obvious, that she didn’t lie about the socks, their stink filled the room in a few seconds! 5 days worn socks, in the hottest summer days and not in some chilly environment, but during hardcore party time! Their stink was just beyond what words can describe! Clarissa inhaled obediently, but with a disgust on her face. However, that’s what Rosie wanted to see, someone having a really hard time smelling her socks! The more disgusted Clarissa was, the more she laughed at her! Towards the end, she took off her left sock, grabbed it with her sweaty, bare toes and pushed it into her face for some more sniffs.

Even though Rosie takes off her socks at the end, there is no barefoot action in this clip, only sock smelling

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