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Length - 64:19 -
Definition - 720P

Remastered Vintage Series : Everything Edita

Edita is a Czech Model we worked with during the year of 2004.
This girl has a perfect and sensual sensitive body with long feet and toes and an incredible ticklishness.
She absolutely can’t stand being tickled and her reactions are extremely energetical.

This session has two parts :
During the first 8 minutes she has her arms tied above her head for a special upperbody tickling then for the second part is is tied on a bed for a full body punishment with a lot of foot tickling.
Her long sexy feet are as sensitive as they are beautiful and the girl becomes crazy as the guys tickle them without mercy.
Edita was a great ultra ticklish model and she’s still in our memories.

Edita’s punishments continue on the sofa with the two ticklers who play with her extremely sensitive upperbody, legs and bare feet.
She’s tickled in different positions on her most sensitive spots till she really cannot take it anymore.
During the first part of the clip one of the tickler holds her hands while the second guy tickles her hips, sides and underarms.
Then after that the ticklers play successively with her ultra sensitive feet till she goes nuts.
A very fun session wih a very ticklish beauty.

This is the final part of Edita’s Tickling Experience with the ticklers.
During the first 7 minutes she has her arms tied above her head for an upperbody punishment then after that the guy gets her extra ticklish feet in two situations.
For the first situation the tickler removes her high heels and tickle her feet on the floor then the girl is immobilized on the sofa in hogtied position for an ultimate hysteria.
By the way she is so ticklish that she falls off the sofa but the tickling continues till she really cannot take it anymore.
What a sexy ticklish bomb!

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