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Length - 30:16 -
Definition - 720P

Remastered Vintage Series : Ysilis’s Non Stop Tickle Punishment

We have remastered Ysilis’s Non Stop tickling punishment.
We explained her what we would like to tickle all her body WITHOUT STOPPING during more than 27 minutes and even if she begged us to stop it we would not stop before the end of defined time.

She accepted the challenge and said us she was curious to know her real limits and to know how long she could endure it.
Ysilis is mercilessly tickled from head to toes without any break with intensive tickle action on her bare soles, toes, legs, hips, sides, underarms and neck.

She can’t stand to have her soles and toes licked by a sadistic tongue so the tickler punished her a lot in this way.
A very intensive non stop tickling action on a very ticklish immobilized beauty.

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