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Reunion of two girlfriends – Alla tickles Zhenya with her sloppy tongue

Alla hasn’t seen her friend for a very long time. They talked a lot when they finally met each other, and Zhenya said that she still had Alla’s jacket, which she had forgotten at the last meeting. So much time has passed… And now it seemed like a long-awaited event. After all, Alla was going to tickle Zhenya again.
Alla fixed her girlfriend on a cross in a diagonal position. Zhenya was ready for tickling and pleasure. Alla was going to tickle all parts of Zhenya’s body with her tongue.

Warming-up tickling
Alla was dressed in sexy red lingerie with strict make-up. She ran her hands over Zhenya’s body and slightly tickled her, then she began to lick and bite her bare breasts and tickle her harder. She loved to tease her friend. Zhenya groaned and laughed.

Tickling armpits with tongue
Alla secured Zhenya with an additional strap in the middle of her body and began to tickle her again. Then she made herself comfortable at Zhenya’s armpit and began to lick the armpit. Zhenya laughed and was excited as this is her sensitive place. Alla continued to lick Zhenya’s sweaty armpit. Then she switched to another side and did the same.

Upperbody tickling with oil
Here Alla unfastened the belt and poured oil on Zhenya’s body. She rubbed the oil all over her body and did it in a very sexy way. I already wanted to tickle Alla too 🙂
Then she began to tickle Zhenya with her hands all over her body, sliding her fingers along the tender places.

Tickling ears and neck with tongue
Alla settled down at Zhenya’s ears and began to tickle her with her slobbering tongue. She tickled her ears and neck and even bit Zhenya. She held her head with her hand to keep it out of the way. Zhenya received a portion of tickling and laughed and squealed.

Tickling feet with tongue and nails
In the end, Zhenya was fixed on the cross in a horizontal position, so that it was convenient to tickle her feet. After a little tickling of her body, Alla moved to Zhenya’s feet. She began to lick her feet greedily and there was a lot of saliva. Drool flowed down and enveloped Zhenya’s legs, and Alla continued to tickle her toes with her tongue and then tickled her with her nails. Then she switched to the other leg and did the same.
Then she sat between Zhenya’s legs with her legs crossed in her sexy boots. She liked to torment her friend and she looked like a truly charming dominant. Alla did these procedures for about ten minutes, then she said goodbye to Zhenya and left her alone.

Alla hasn't seen her friend for a very long time. They talked a lot when they finally met each other, and Zhenya said that she...

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