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Romy gets her revange on Melle – Full body tickling in spread eagle

Today, the things are upside down in the dungeon, for once, Mel is about to get tickled by Romy.
She is tied up spread eagle on the bed, wearing a nice red and transparent underwear. Romy begins slowly by her upperbody, tickling her armpits and belly. Then she moves down to her feet, and tickle them with a
feather, and also with her nails.
She continues with tickling her bellybutton with a paintbrush, and uses the same paintbrush to oil
Melle’s feet so they can be more sensitive.
Then it’s time to use more extreme tools. Romy tries the electric toothbrush on Melle’s bellybutton,
armpits, and of course on her feet. She finishes by the worst tools : the glove combined with an
hairbrush. Do you think Melle will handle it ?

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