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Rose’s First Experience

Rose was really curious to know what it’s like to own a personal footslave and oblige an unknown person to smell her nyloned feet after a nine to five shift! I just can’t believe it! He will never survive to my feet! They are so wet and stinky after work! What about I make fun at him for thirty minutes? Rose was really excited about this so we gave her a chronometer to enjoy every single minute of this challenge!

She makes him take her shoes off then completely smother his face under her sweaty nyloned feet! Her smile of satisfaction tells a lot! How does it smell? She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and also asks for a foot massage! Your face is just the perfect spot to rest my feet after a full day sweating in my shoes!

Rose is only 18 y.o. but she already shows a lots of attitude! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her nyloned feet and suck on her toes as a devoted loser slave! (French Language)

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