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Sakura’s Afternoon Delight

Sakura also well knows about my severe foot fetish, which is really hard to hide, and she also knows how easy it is to turn me on with her socks, and with her smelly feet! She has been working all day long with her sneakers, under the hot sun of Bangkok, so she thought it could be nice to come to visit me at the condo, just to show me how hard she has been working! She has been wearing the same pair of thin yellow socks for a few days on top of that, so I think I would be totally helpless if she would ask me to smell them! We were just relaxing on the couch, and Sakura makes me take her sneakers off to give some fresh air to her feet, and just to make me sniff her socks! I had a very strong erection at this time, and it seems like it was really hard to hide!

She seems to love about the fact that her feet turn me on so much, and it seems like she have some plans for my hard cock too! I told her that I wish she would make me cum with her sweaty socks on my face, so she starts playing with my cock with her smile, and starts sucking my dick really hard! Sakura told me at this time, that she will suck my dick and my balls until she gets to taste my cum on her tongue! She rubs her sweaty yellow socks on my face, and suck my cock at the same time, and I was just so hard! I was just totally helpless, and I could not move at all, since she was holding my face on the pillow with her sweaty yellow socks on my face! She also slide one of her foot in my mouth by accident, so I just had no choice to lick and taste the dirty bottom of her socks, while she was sucking my cock really hard! The smell and the taste of her socks was so strong, that I could just not hold it anymore! This beautiful Sakura gets my huge load of cum inside her lovely mouth, and right on her tongue! She really seems to enjoy that flavor, and she really seems to enjoy to play with that cum! That was a very intense blowjob! One of the best ever for sure!

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