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Length - 16:12 -
Definition - 1080P

Sassy Jess is now punished barefeet !

Let’s welcome Jess again !
You know she has one of the best looking feet ever, and now it’s time to see them tickled without anything between nails and her beautiful skin.

Jess is cheeky and sassy, she often makes fun of us tickle lovers, even during the sessions. I start with blindfolding her, so she doesn’t know what is coming.
Her Immediate reaction to tickle torture is to bury her head into the blanket, as if it would protect her, and it didn’t.

She hates 2 things : The electric brush and Lickling.

At one point, she managed to throw me off the bed, the little brat !

We did some Upperbody  games too when the bondage started falling apart, and she says goodbye with her feet.

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