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Length - 20:08 -
Definition - 1080P

Scorched Soles

Dorothy’s perfect soles get burned by two oil torches for 20 minutes straight. It turned out that her feet are extremely sensitive to the heat of open flames so she suffers big time from the very first second to the last. She moans and cries throughout the entire clip, which makes her drool through the ballgag. Her feet are tied above the flames, though she can move them in a wide range to ease the pain, she can not dodge the fire with both soles at the same time. Her hands are left loose, they are no use against the flames anyway.

As the torture goes on, her feet get charred and the room gets filled with smoke, greatly enhancing the kinky atmosphere. The entire torture is filmed in one take, no cuts, except for a few seconds additional footage at the very end, that look into the camera when the pain was finally over is priceless! She is always hot, but the more she suffers, the sexier she gets! There are great closeups of her blackened, gorgeous feet, too.

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