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Length - 10:06 -
Definition - 1080P

Serenity’s Personal Footstool

Serenity is for sure one of the hottest dreamgirl that I met on my last trip to Bangkok in Thailand, and I can tell that she is pretty dominant too even if she is only 18! I was supposed to do something with another model on that day, but she told me to cancel my plans, since she really wanted to rest her sweaty tired feet on my face after her long working day! She knew that I would do it, since I told her that I really like that strong smell of her feet after work, so she knocks at my door with her dominant smile!

She makes me lay down on the floor, and makes me take her high heel shoes off, after that long working day, then immediatly cover my face with her sweaty naked feet! I will just never get enough of this girl! She is just so hot! She rubs her sweaty naked feet on my face, with that lovely smile of satisfaction, and makes me take some deep breaths in her feet! She also makes me stick my tongue out to make me lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! The taste of her sweat was a bit salty, but I just had no choice at this time to lick it, and enjoy it! She also makes me lick the inside of her shoes, exactly where her feet were all day long, and she has been wearing those shoes for over 3 years now! Just imagine how this could taste. That was kind of intense too! This Dreamgirl is really taking possession of my soul, and that kind of scares me for the rest of my trip! She will probably take all that money left in my bank account!

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