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Serious gang tickle on the “cute girl” OMG, Are they ALL going to tickle me?

Definition - 720P
Length - 06:18


Seriously perfect Ticklee Kat came in for what she thought was just a short tickle shoot only to find out there were 3 girls here chomping at the bit to get their hands on her all at the same time! The girls were literally here like an hour early talking about what & how they were going to tickle her! It was an amazing thing to just hear these girls talk about the tickling they were about to give Kat ( This girl is PERFECT)..

So here we go,for starters they wanted to strap her down really tight, arms back, elbows down and Knees strapped to the bench, ” omg i really cannot move, Will you guys stop if i ask?” the girls just laughed and said we usually need to just keep going,its kinda what you signed up for so needless to say we probably are not going to stop till we are done:) And off they went, it was like a feeding frenzy on this girl, honestly KAT is the perfect ticklish girl, Super cute, laughs like crazy, and just super ticklish EVERYWHERE! This is going to be a MUST HAVE video for anyone that loves to see a super cute ticklish girl just get wrecked by a gang of girls! ENJOY & Your welcome! Get your popcorn ready, they get her good, Underarms, sides, belly feet,OMG tickle perfection right here!!

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