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Sexy Lady Foot tickling in stocks + Interview

Length - 17:54 - 1080P

It’s time for the last video with a beautiful sexy lady. She’s very emotional and interesting girl. In the interview, you will learn which places on her body are most ticklish and why she becomes dangerous from the tickling.
Her bare feet are in the stocks and you will see footage from the two cameras.

One looks at her face, the other shows the overall plan. During this prolonged tickling, the girl waves her hands and gesticulates a lot, and talks about her emotions and feelings. The bright and sexy girl is very ticklish on her beautiful feet.

Then she tries to tickle herself with a feather and feels almost nothing. Well, this is understandable.
Continue tickling her feet – one camera shows the side view, and the second is on the overall plan. She grabs her knees and feet and laughs so cute.
In the end, you will see a mix of close-ups of her feet and the emotions on the face of this charming girl. Enjoy!

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