Six Hands on the Ticklish Eileen



Length – 15:15 – 720P

The sexy Cassy introduced us a 19 years old friend to her who was agree for a tickling experience with us.
Good news we always love to tickle new girls especially when they’re cute as her. For her first experience the new model Eileen is strongly immobilzed and totally at the mercy of Cassy, Luna and the Tickler.

The session begins on her helpless bare feet and the three ticklers want to have some fun. Eileen discovers tickling fetish and she discovers too that it is a real torture for a ticklish girl!

The sadistical hands attack now Eileen’s ticklish ribs, belly and underarms. The girl seems to hate being tickled but it is too late now and Cassy, Luna and the tickler are merciless.

She has no chance to defend from tickling and all she can do is to laugh and to scream silly. Watch her TICKLISH UNDERARMS get attacked over and over. She has ridiculous reactions at some moments and it is fun to watch because they tickle her till she cannot take it anymore.

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