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Skinny Kassandra's very big ticklish feet - First meeting with strong tickling in the car


Length - 21:39 - 1080P

Live tickling in a car.

When I met this girl, I immediately liked her. Her name is Kassandra, she’s slender and young (18 yo). It was a sultry summer day and I wanted to tickle this cutie so much. I immediately noticed her big feet (42 EU size, 12 US), which you can tickle and lick as much as you like because she’s a real ticklee. And that was great!

I started off with a light tickle in a car, but Kassandra’s feet were very sensitive. I took a feather and ran it over her feet, chatting with the cutie and discussing tickling and her sensations.
Later, I put her feet on my knees and tickled them holding them tightly in a grip. Then, I placed her on a car seat with her hands up and secured by tying her feet.

The girl was already topless and I enjoyed the sight of her beautiful breasts. I began to tickle her sides and stomach with my hands, and then her armpits. Kassandra squealed and squirmed very sweetly.
In POV mode, I tickled her belly and soles. Then I removed another piece of clothing from her – a skirt. And she stayed in her panties. Then I began to bite her sides and protruding ticklish bones. Then I tickled her neck with kisses.
Later, in POV, I began stroking the girl’s bare feet, which were already a bit dirty, but still very ticklish. I tickled and talked to her, watching her laugh through talking.

In the end, when she stretched out her long legs and I put a banknote between her toes and began to tickle her harder so that she would drop the bill.
I began to massage her toes, she has really long toes! They are very gentle and sexy. I massaged them and tickled them until the end of the clip.

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