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Softest Most Ticklish FEET EVER !

Definition - 720P
Length - 10:05


Pay attention, This is for real. We have had hundreds of women in here over the years and I can proudly say that the feet in this clip are simply some of the MOST SOFT & TICKLISH FEET we have ever had in here. She was in here a few years back and was ticklish then but NOW, OMG not sure how or what she did but her feet have become like a butter foot sculpture LOL i know you may be thinking yeah right but i am completely serious. I even had to ask her ” what in the world have you been doing to your feet for them to be so flipping soft” I’m talking like every inch of her soles, toes, heels everywhere!! The skin is like a newborn baby!!

She said i never go barefoot and i am constantly soaking and caring for them now,If your a true foot and tickle guy this is the clip for you, her feet were so fun to tickle its almost like you don’t even want to stop ( foot tickle fans know what I’m talking about lol) just spastically ticklish..numerous times you can hear her mumble ” i can’t do this ” which of coarse means YES you can! LOL anyways, not going to ramble on anymore about her although i could. I have been in this business a LONG time and this is one that even I have been taken aback by! Enjoy The softest most ticklish feet!! lotion, scrub brush, flosser, fingernails = PRICELESS


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