Soline & Inesse Tickle Their Feet Each Other + Upperbody Challenge


Length - 13:11 - 720P

Soline & Inesse asked us for more fun so we offered them to tickle their feet each other to know who is the strongest girl.
They really enjoyed this idea and you’ll see two different scenes in this ways.
The girls have so much fun and each one do her best to endure the tickling while she tickles her friend.

This is two great situations and both girls are as good ticklers as ticklees.
For the last part of the clip the tickler offered them another laughing game.
The beauties have to hold their arms up while he tickles their sides and underarms.

Both girls explode in laughter successively and simultaneouly while the sadistic fingers run all long their super ticklish bodies.
This clip is a great pleasures tickles session with very arousing situations because these two 18 years old beauties are as ticklish
as they’re charming.

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