Sora's Initiation


Duration – 6:18 @ 1920×1080 (MP4 HD)

Sora Morbid is, as her name would suggest, a spooky Goth chick with an interest in things which Man was not meant to know (…but are okay for women to know, apparently).  So I spun some story about being the leader of a tickle cult looking for a virgin sacrifice to offer up to the pending eclipse and she hopped right on board.

Well, not really.  But it would have been fun, no?  Join Sora as she’s “initiated” into the Sole Mates roster in this, her debut clip wherein I gently (and ticklishly) get to know her pale, pale feet and sparkly blue toes.  It took her a little while to warm up (and for me to find the best ways to tickle her), so her reactions are a bit subdued… but if you like squirmy, giggly Goth girls who are desperately trying to just not bust out laughing (image, y’know!) and keep a dark demeanor, this is your jam.

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