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Spy Kristy vs Ten guards and ticklish defeat

Definition - 1080P
Length - 19:48


Spy agent Kristy penetrates to an enemy base. She sneaks and sees a security guard who suspects nothing. Holding a in her hand, she knocks him out with her other hand. Immediately the second guard runs up, he throws himself at Kristy, but she captures him and stifles him and he falls down. Now she meets with a third guard with a and then a fourth one appears, which looks belligerent. He attacks Kristy trying to break her neck, but Kristy knocks him down with punches in the stomach. Now she knocks him to the floor and chokes him.
Now she sneaks further and sees the fifth guard – he didn’t understand what was happening and she captures him with a rope – he falls to the ground and she stifles him between her knees. Now the sixth guard appears – he is very powerful and presses Kristy against the wall, but she succeeds in knocking him down with a hit in the balls. He falls.
Kristy is already in the belly of the he goes off and sees how one of them is going to do a freebase – she doesn’t give him that opportunity and begins to capture him from behind. She brings down the criminal and makes a seizure with her feet. She him and finally breaks his neck.
Another criminal is waiting in the storeroom – he is stupid, but he hears a noise and reloads the At this time, Kristy cuts down electricity. The guard goes into the darkness and at this time Kristy enters the pantry. The guard is at a loss and thinks that the guys were stoned and fall resting. He comes back and then Kristy suddenly grab his neck and stifles him with her feet.
Now a plump guard comes with a – he’s trying to shoot Kristy but he misses and she knocks him on the bed and stifles with her feet.
Now she comes to the window relaxed and then the leader of the gang grabs her from behind and knocks her to the floor. Now we see a lengthy scuffle as a result of which Kristy is cracking down on him.
But no! He gets up and sneaks up on Kristy, he knocks her out and she falls…

Kristy is tied to the bed without a jacket – the gang leader threatens her that she is facing a cruel reprisal – he will tickle her body and feet. This continues long and hard for Kristy, she screams laughs from the leader’s tenacious paws. He tickles her sides, belly and goes to the feet and torments them with an electric toothbrush. Kristy goes crazy. Then he leaves her alone…

Spy agent Kristy penetrates to an enemy base. She sneaks and sees a security guard who suspects nothing. Holding a in her...

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