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Spying on Candy


Length - 65:37
- 1080P -
Published 29 April, 2022

Candy’s hottest and longest foot tease!

You have managed to hide a spy camera in Candy’s apartment. You’re obsessed with this hot girl for far too long, you’d do anything to see her naked, or better yet, having wild, nasty sex with someone luckier than you. It seems the time has finally come, you got a chance to glimpse into her private life. The cam is set, you eagerly watch your recieving screen in hope to catch some tits, ass or pussy. However, yet again, furtune is not in your favor. Even the cam is placed in the best possible angle, the only action you can witness is Candy reading a book, hanging on the phone and napping.

No bra or panties coming off, just her shoes and sweaty socks. Nevertheless, you keep spying her. You use the remote zoom option, too, to get the best results. Ultimately this brings your sneaky project to it’s ill fate: she hears the zooming noise and finds your filthy cam. She grabs her phone instantly to dial the police, but changes her mind quickly. You wanted a show, right? A striptease? Well, you get it. She grabs the cam, puts it on the floor and starts the show.

Instead of panties you get stinky socks, instead of pussy you get disgustingly sweaty, smelly feet! This is what dirty little spies deserve! She gives you the finger, makes faces of disgust while keeping her reeking sweaty soles in your view. At the end, she offers a cruel way to get out of this mess: she cuts her toenails onto a plate and invites you to dinner, possibly to the worst kind of humiliation you ever had!

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