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Story of how I have fun with Flory and Elisara

Definition - 1080P
Length - 26:57


Elisara stands alone in the room, tied to a post. There is a harness ballgag on her head. The ball under the panel securely occupies her entire mouth.
I walk into this room with a new model Flory, a thrill-seeker who has long dreamed of being tightly bound. I bind Flory, she is relaxed and really enjoys what is happening. Her cute face and beautiful body are in perfect harmony with my ropes. The whole process of bondage is watched by Elisara tied to a pole.

I wonder what was going on in her head then, she was jealous that she wasn’t being tied up, or maybe she was enjoying the sight of her friend being tied up? Anyway, she watched the process closely as I hogtie and hang Flory in the air. When the job was done and Flory flew into the ceiling with the help of the winch, I take some time for Elisara, making some good slaps on her butt. For Flory it was a new experience so I don’t take risks and overexpose her in the suspension.

I place a wooden cube and lower Flory on it. Her hands are numb, but she’s still excited. I decide to not ruin her nirvana with hasty unbondaging and leave her in a hogtie, slightly changing the bondage. I really like a blissful expression on her face, I step aside to admire two tied beauties contemplate the sensations in the tight embrace of ropes. Enjoy!

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