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Summer Cute Girls – Tickling on the Beach (Part 1 Ticklish Leyla)

What to do when the sun is shining and cool water is splashing on the beach? Of course to get acquainted with a girls! Better yet check them out on the tickling. I managed to get acquainted with the two young girls who were interested to try tickling.
Masha and Leyla are the young novice models and they’re girlfriends. Leyla is charming girl with tanned skin and she’s very ticklish everywhere.
Masha is more restrained in her reactions but no less beautiful.

At the beginning they started messing and tickle each other and then I joined them and tickled Leyla’s feet. From tickling she began twitching and almost fell on her girlfriend. They are a great duet, and I decided to tickle their ribs at the same time.

Then it’s time to tickle Leyla – until she was lying on her stomach, we tickled her beautiful feet. Then she rolled over on her stomach and began to be filled with laughter from the tickling her abdomen and underarms. Every time changing the position, we tickled Leila, and passers-by on the beach watched us with interest. We tickled her feet, knees, heels and ribs. Leila was completely tickled.

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