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Summer’s First Experience

Summer is a very curious girl so she really wanted to discover what it’s like to rest her tired feet on a man’s face after a full day with her boots on! She wouldn’t miss that chance! She wore the same socks for three days in a row just to make extra fun at his face! She makes him take her boots off then completely cover his face with her sweaty white socks! They were so warm and smelly! She just laughs and rub them all over his face while chating with her friends on the computer!

Summer also needs a good foot massage so she makes him take her socks off to rub her smelly bare feet all over his face! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom to give them a refresh after eleven hours in her boots! This 18 y.o. brat is mean as hell! She makes him suck on her toes to feel the heat of his tongue in between each of her toes! Another Natural Borned Princess! (French Language)

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